Why, Hello There!

Laura Who?

The stray hairs make it so authentic

Oh hey!

I’m Laura Kaye Chamberlain, a digital media content marketer based in Yangon, Myanmar. If you were looking for someone else, I’m happy to help you find them. No? Then read on!

I get my kicks by creating conscious digital content. My heart flutters for projects involving sustainability, social justice, and diverse perspectives. If a piece “makes” me have to travel, all the better!

Today I’m serving as the Strategic Communications Consultant (interim Communications Manager) at Doh Eain, a social enterprise organization making cities more sustainable, inclusive places to live. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome and I’m basically surrounded by local heroes. Nbd.

So what do I offer, you ask? Those working with me have called me a “Swiss Army Knife,” “Full Stack Creative Producer,” and “All Around Good Time.” First we start with questions about your goals and vision — then we get to the fun stuff!

I craft videos, podcasts, copy, and other social content from beginning to end, overseeing the marketing objectives — or just pitching in for the desired steps along the way as a contributor! I drool over brand alignment and monitor analytics like sports scores. I can work as a one-woman-show, but prefer heartfelt collaboration based on shared values and/or snacks.

Craving more info about my work history? Sure, I get it, you’re enthralled. My LinkedIn is the place to get your fix.

Though my plate is quite full, my appetite for creative projects nearly equals my appetite for peanut butter—so feel free to reach out with any exciting opportunities!

Also feel free to reach out with peanut butter.

Feel very free.

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