Glowing Praise

“Great balance of enthusiasm and professionalism; she proactively engages as one of the team and is uniquely upbeat and energetic. Laura is creative, articulate, and [pays] high attention to detail.” 

— Interviewing & Video Editing Client Tom O’Malley, CEO of

“Thanks to her technical knowledge and attention to details, Laura delivers high quality content in line with your needs. Most importantly, she creates the perfect environment to make you feel at ease in front of the camera.”

— Videography Client Virginie Koulibaly, Director of Sales and Marketing (North America) for the Switzerland Matterhorn Region

“Professional, willing to give helpful suggestions, not demeaning ‘I am smarter than you’ attitude. Laura is engaging and creative and [has a] high attention to detail.”

— Video Editing Client Jack Perry, Executive Coach & Speaker

“I live in Florida and coordinate events in Washington. Laura has been great to work with; she is very trustworthy and is always on time. Our team in Washington has said nothing but great things about her!”

— Videography Client Ashley Ulbrich, Marketing & Event Specialist for Advanced Recovery Systems

“Pretty good table manners!”

— Laura’s mom