Laura Who?

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Laura Kaye Chamberlain is a digital media producer based in Seattle, Washington. (Actually, she is a human. Who produces media. In Seattle, Washington.)

Laura is passionate about creating mission-based video and audio content. Her heart flutters for projects involving sustainability, social justice, and diverse perspectives. If a piece “makes” her have to travel, all the better!

Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors from Long Island University with a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts (Musical Theatre Concentration).
There, she co-created an original theatre piece that shared an environmental message through a lighthearted lens. That experience lit a fire in her to continue creating sustainability pieces.

But first, she performed as a lead singer in an a cappella band that toured in the Dominican Republic for five months. As one does.

In order to reach a wider audience with a message of compassion for ourselves, others and the earth, she began creating videos on her own YouTube channelThose videos included original songs written to answer questions sent in by audience members! Through that channel, she became fascinated with the video editing process itself, and has been going down the rendering rabbit hole ever since.

Today Laura works full-time as the Creative Director at Creative Media Group (you guessed it — being creative). There, she oversees and produces the video and podcast content for the wonderful CMG clients, including many top personal brands in the entrepreneurial/motivational space, as well as wellness companies disrupting the status quo in healthcare.

In her “spare time,” she offers discounted rates for mission-based nonprofits and organizations serving the community and world at large through sustainable and diverse lenses. By day or by night, her specialty is crafting video and audio content optimized for social media.

Past and present clients include: personal & professional development coaches; non-profits like the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways; Yes on 1631; StoryCloud, where she was a senior legal videographer; and as a regular summary editor.

Though her plate is quite full, her appetite for creative projects nearly equals her appetite for peanut butter — so feel free to reach out with any exciting opportunities!

Also feel free to reach out with peanut butter.

Feel very free.

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